Law and Government Website Revisions

Since setting up this Law and Government website I have made little use of it, concentrating my efforts on other sites.  Even if you did subscribe to it, you may not remember, since it has been so long since I’ve posted something here.  This will change now as I focus on legal, legislative and executive problems which have been holding society back.

Human society has many problems.  But there is hope:- We invented ourselves into this mess, we can invent ourselves out of it.

Over centuries, human beings invented parliaments, legislation, law courts and executive practices.  These inventions are primitive social technology.  The best way of distinguishing between primitive and advanced technology is the amount of mathematics underlying it.  Our current systems of law and government have little mathematical basis.  The executive branch of government make a considerable use of statistics, but even so the use of statistical results in decision making is rarely valid.  In legislation, law enforcement and the legal system, almost no math is used, certainly no higher math above the highschool level.

I am putting up new websites on decision making and estimation and on error covariance, which is the chief problem standing in the way of good decision making.  Since this problem is so ubiquitous, I often say:- Error Covariance is the Root of All Evil.

My new focus on law and government is part of a larger commitment to making society work.  Human society is a mess.  Enough.  Let’s fix it.

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